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Almost everyday, I get three to four questions on social media about success and how to lead a happy life? Here is a little offer from me to those who are seeking to take control of their lives. Sgn up for this free course on Udemy. Thank you

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A lot of us think that to stay joyful means, not to work! In fact as Swami Rama Tirtha had said "Intense work is rest", is way to lead a joyful life.
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All you wanted to know about effective communication skills. This course covers Effective, Assertive & Efficient Communication skills.


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Effective, Assertive and Efficient communication skills to bring an executive presence at your work place on Udemy platform by Rajesh C R



Soft Skills

  • Attitude is Altitude (AIA)

    A two hour interactive workshop on attitude building for students, corporates, private & Govt organisations, aimed at improving ones attitude through systematic assessment using certain tools and techniques and delivered in a classic style to impact the audience and make a 'Big' difference in their life!
  • Mark of A True Leader (MOATL)

    This is a unique two hour interactive session on leadership based on the experience of the trainer himself as a leader, leading a group of young engineers, skilled and unskilled labours to glory in one of his assignments with south India's leading MNC company. The program was highly appreciated and said to be ' Lively and extremely useful' by the participants.
  • Life Skills to lead a Joyful life.

    One of the signature programs by the presenter Rajesh C. R. the success of which marked the entry of him into the training world! The programme consists of three levels of Joy, four topics on life and the five elements of nature.
  • The 'Wow' factor

    This 2 hour interactive classic reveals that to stay 'inspired' means to be more creative! The workshop dives deep into its nature, qualities, the effects and ways to increase inspiration! The frequency and intensity of inspiration is measured through a scale consisting of a set of questions which helps the trainer to work on the participants to achieve the required results.
  • PPT

    This is a brilliantly crafted module on presentation skills which covers topics such as, how to make a structured introduction, topic selection, content, importance of slide and its making, delivery, the three elements of an extraordinary presentation, feedbacks and how to end with a powerful message.
  • Let's Talk - Communication Skills

    An interactive session bringing out the importance, types and nature of communication skills with examples from life and video clips including methods to improve one's communication skills effectively with some wonderful activities for the participants
  • Empathy

    A classic presentation which will take participants through an emotional journey and make them experience empathy!
  • EI - Emotional intelligence

    Self regulation, Empathy, self awareness, self motivation, SWOT, Social Skills in an Eight hour session which unfolds emotional intelligence and it's importance in life.
  • Bull's eye - Goal setting and Achieving

    What is a Goal? Why do we need goals? How to set goals and achieve them? A complete in-depth analysis!
  • On the dot. - Time management

    One of the most innovative kind of teaching time management with simple examples from day to day life and based on the five zones of life!
  • The Big picture - Think big

    A unique module based on true stories of high achievers including an inspiring story from the trainer Rajesh C. R. himself. A highly motivational and inspiring session according to the participants.
  • The 'Wow' factor - inspiration

    Inspiration is the highest form of motivation which drives you to be more creative and produce world class outcomes! Includes an activity to measure your level of inspiration.
  • Problem solving, Critical thinking and Decision making

    Simple technique and simple examples used to bring a cognitive understanding about these soft skills.
  • Networking Skill

    Networking Skill is a key soft skill which helps develop good contacts and generate a variety of opportunities, helpful both, at a personal level and at work.
  • Negotiation Skill

    Negotiation skill plays a major role in resolving conflicts and disagreements apart from helping build relationships, saving time & money.
  • Other modules in progress are :

    Hello Customer (Customer service), Team 'X' (team work), Health is Wealth, Just Chill.

Hard skills

  • Fundamentals of Building construction

    This 2 hr module is based on the trainers 24 years of experience in the construction industry which covers topics such as Know your structure, thumb rule estimate and basic vastu to enable people with some basic knowledge of construction which can help them get a better plan and a better estimate for their construction projects.

One day workshop

  • Live Your Inner Joy

    A signature program by Rajesh C.R. based on his experiences in life both in family as well as the spiritual world and as a student of his master Swami Sukhabodhananda which works on the simple principle of ESS which means Emptying, Strengthening and Sustaining. The program is filled with interactive activities, demo, video clips, yoga, music and dance! The main purpose of this program is to help the participant function from his optimum level with the right attitude by understanding and altering the three Gunas or Qualities known as Sattva, Raja and the Tama Guna.

Peace - Private Counselling

  • Sports Person

    If you are a high performer and achiever in the society and due to some reason unable to find that elusive peace, you can get counselling from Rajesh C.R. on a one to one basis.
  • Corporate Top Notch

    If you are a high performer and achiever in the society and due to some reason unable to find that elusive peace, you can get counselling from Rajesh C.R. on a one to one basis.
  • Businessman

    If you are a high performer and achiever in the society and due to some reason unable to find that elusive peace, you can get counselling from Rajesh C.R. on a one to one basis.


5 months ago
Rajesh C R is a person with values, down to earth and a great human being.His workshops are mind blowing.He is passionate about training and has helped my students to understand life better n guided them towards joyful living through his signature workshop..His simple training methods are easy to implement and has touched many lives. His simple nature and contagious smile has given him a great fan following. His sessions are extra ordinary n set you thinking every time. We have worked together for Corporates and our Honourable Judges of Karnataka and got wonderful feedback .His punctuality and commitment is commendable. I wish him all the best
- Rekhaa N
a year ago
Amazing genuine trainer to uncover, the real self. I have attended several of his trainings and all were worth the humble fees. He is a great human being who is implementing what he teaches unlike others in the market. Count on me, just attend a session of his and you will understand what I meant. All the best, Rajesh!
- Ajay L
a year ago
Beware this man Rajesh the Trainer who has an eagle eye, you may be lost in the crowd searching for a purposeful life , once you are there in any of his training session you will never be the same again. His eye will be on you till you achieve your goal in life.
- Saji N

About Me

Rajesh C.R. is a civil engineer and an inspirational keynote speaker, who has a  rich experience in life, both as a happy family man and a successful business person. A seeker of  'truth' from an early age of 16. A student of Swami Sukhabodhananda, a spiritual master who is  popularly known as the 'Corporate Guru'.

In 2018 he Joined the IATD and completed the Masters Diploma in Training & Development under the guidance of Dr.Rajan and his team.

He works on a simple principle, that by bringing joy to an individual, you bring joy to a family  which in turn affects a society and such society's bring peace to a country and peaceful country's together make 'the world a better place to live'! 

The name 'A Guide to Inner Joy' was thus born! 

We offer soft skill training services to Corporates, Independent organisations, Educational institutions and conduct Public workshops.

A lot of research has gone into creating each of these soft skill modules keeping international standards in mind and hence it is unique by nature. 

 'Live your inner joy' workshop is the result of his journey from an ordinary confused life to a life of clarity, purity and love! It works on a simple principle ESS which means 'Emptying, Strengthening and Sustaining'

 We bring soft skills to you with a difference!

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